Name: ZoeyLawton
Age: 21
Country: Greece
Weight: 115 lbs (52kg)
Ethnicity: White
Cup Size: C
ZoeyLawton Expertise: I’m pretty experienced, but i am also open to suggestions
What Turns Me On
A confident man or a little foreplay will always turn me on easily.But a man with the mannered kind of confidence. Nothing is entitled to anyone. Respect is sexy. AAAAND I love missionary position…it turns me on more than ever when i feel your breath


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Zoey is the reason why we dream. She is just sooo gorgeous and a sweetheart. I will never grow tired of her. She’s my heart and heaven. Visit her now and be respectful, she will treat you right!

UPDATE! 04/04/2018
Unfortunately, ZoeyLawton has stopped performing as a webcam model. If hotteenfreecam.com manages to get her back, I will update her review again. In the meantime, check out our other gorgeous cam girls.

Comments Rating 4 (8 reviews)

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