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alliviasloppy – Cumulative total review score: 3.8

What turns her on
“Love when u touch my body slowly dont make me wet and kiss me all over.slide your dick and hard inside me.fuck me hard and deep in all my holes and make me cum all over you”

What is her expertise: “Bigamy! i want to live lots of horny people and just make love all day… ohhhh, i am cumming!”

Her basic profile and appearance:
Name: alliviasloppy
Age: 18
Weight: 113 lbs (51kg)
Ethnicity: White

alliviasloppy pic

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would love to ride on you like cowgirl! She loves to dance, strip dance, a lot of teasing and masturbation with you, moaning and screaming very loud while you cum and role play are some of the arsenals she has to pleasure you!

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alliviasloppy pic


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