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EmiLiaW – Cumulative total review score: 4.0

What turns her on
“I love to own men, but I also love when a man can master my body… I enjoy the one understanding that it is you who give me pleasure and penetrate deep into me!”

What is her expertise: “My most important talent is my skills and my desires, if I want you to be satisfied, then I will do everything for this, But only if you do not rush me and want to do everything quickly … Sex is a pleasure that should last as long as possible…”

Her basic profile and appearance:
Name: EmiLiaW
Age: 19
Country: Latvia
Weight: 101 lbs (46kg)
Ethnicity: White

EmiLiaW pic

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Great and sexy girl. She does as asked and doesn’t waste time. I cannot stop having butterflies every time I seeing your cute face. Your amazing body makes my mind wonder.

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EmiLiaW pic


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