MiaOconnor – Cumulative total review score: 4.1

What turns her on
“Our story: your gaze goes through every corner of my body, you guide my fingers to the depths of my body and I make you see stars. It will be the perfect start to be alone, you decide to continue with an exciting and addictive story.”

What is her expertise: “I love creative, intelligent people, it warms me that they speak to me beautifully, tell me when they want me, an excellent hot game, see your clear of pleasure, see you reach orgasm and feel that I can make you very happy.”

Her basic profile and appearance:
Name: MiaOconnor
Age: 19
Weight: 110 lbs (50 kg)

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Such a sexy ass. and the squirt is amazing. Mia is a fantastic model, charming, and funny. Always does what you ask for!

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