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MoniOwens – Cumulative total review score: 4.1

What turns her on
“I enjoy a man that speaks to me beautiful, that I know admire and above all that he likes to have fun with me”

What is her expertise: “I am an expert in pleasing the most hidden desires of the people who follow me, I want to make them very happy and above all to be happy myself because you are my reason of happiness”

Her basic profile and appearance:
Name: MoniOwens
Age: 18
Country: Spain
Weight: 127 lbs (58kg)
Ethnicity: Hispanic

MoniOwens pic

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MoniOwens can be the most adorable girl or the most perverse, but that also depends on you. She will be the person that you want her to be. What an amazing role player. She commits to the role. With her dirty mind and sexy body, you cant go wrong.

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MoniOwens pic


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