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Valerie_Gray – Cumulative total review score: 3.8

What turns her on
“i consider myself to be thoughtful and caring, when someone needs me i’m by ones side with all my being thus being a great listener and i do my best offer the best possible advice to a situation, i enjoy a good conversation and i am quite the romantic.”

What is her expertise: “at a first glimpse you may say that i might be shy but my personality is a combination of enthusiasm and beauty, expressing sensuality with every movement i make”

Her basic profile and appearance:
Name: Valerie_Gray
Age: 18
Country: Colombia
Weight: 113 lbs (51kg)
Ethnicity: Hispanic

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Valerie_Gray is really happy that she is here foryou guys and she would really like to create nice and strong connections with you! She is a woman of details.. a sweet word and gentle touch can make her remember you always! Be different and you can be her confidant!

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