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Yolanda_Wow – Cumulative total review score: 4.3

What turns her on
“Do you know what I cherish above all? Having fun with good people with good manners and open minds, who love cracking jokes. Also I like to be spoiled with sweet words and a good touch can take me to heaven !”

What is her expertise: “I enjoy having fun not only with people but also with my sweet little body. Come to say hi to Yoli and her toys. hehe!”

Her basic profile and appearance:
Name: Yolanda_Wow
Age: 18
Weight: 95 lbs (43kg)
Ethnicity: White

Yolanda_Wow pic

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She is absolutely perfect in every way! So cute and charming! She is crazy sensual and emotional girl and she will make a way to make your day/life a hundred times better! She enjoys doing hot performances, play lots of games or simply have good conversations. She’s very easy to talk to so don’t be shy.

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